Board of Directors

Deborah Myers

Vice President

Deborah is the Founder and CEO of Deborah Myers & Associates (DMA). DMA is a leading fractional management firm in Canada providing real-time corporate strategic course correction and feedback.

Deborah has a visionary leadership style as a transition specialist, fulfilling the leadership gap during start-ups, restructuring, mergers, uncertainty, and new location expansion. Additionally, guiding those special implementation projects for quality control, quality assurance, governance, brand awareness, and ensuring customer excellence.

For the past 13 years Deborah has dedicated herself to enhancing the fertility world with a strong dedication alongside TRIO Fertility by helping patients overcome their fertility challenges bringing innovative practice, transforming the way health is measured and care is delivered.

Deborah brings a strong dedication and passion for patient excellence and guiding that unique health journey. Holding senior management roles in executive healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and international new business development, her career portfolio is enhanced with 30 + years of national and international experience working alongside strong brands such as TRIO Fertility, Regen Scientific, Medcan Health Management, Medisys, Jamieson Vitamins, GSK and Allergan.

With in-depth knowledge of improving healthcare projects, her experiences include change management, new market identification and strategic positioning. With strong core competencies such as coaching and mentoring, her leadership affects rapid change and transition.

With invitational speaker requests, Deborah has shared her experiences during International medical conferences as a returning speaker at Desautles Faculty of Management at McGill University and at the Schulich School of Business on patient relationship management, change management, and clinical operations leadership.

Deborah’s credentials are enhanced with a Master of Management from McGill University. She held 3 terms as the Chairperson for the CFAS’s Leadership and Management Special Interest Group. She currently sits on the Board of Directors as acting Vice President for Fertility Matters Canada.

Deborah has an innovative mindset along with a flair that takes healthcare out-of-the-box. She has a strong influence on facilitating change, collaboration, transformation and people engagement. She is results-oriented and committed to corporate development, social responsibility and patient excellence.

Deborah Myers