Get involved

Be an advocate for change

We believe in the power of advocacy to shape policies, break down barriers, and create a more inclusive landscape for fertility awareness and support. Advocacy isn't about grand gestures; it's about lending your voice to a cause that matters. Join us in making fertility care and services accessible to all. Your support can be as simple as sharing your story, engaging in conversations, or staying informed. Let's make advocacy a collective journey, one that's easier and more impactful than you might think. Together, we can empower change.

Together, we influence policy

Federal advocacy

FMC is actively advocating the federal government for supportive policies, increased funding for research, and improved access to fertility and family-building care across Canada. Become one of our federal advocacy volunteers and be a catalyst for change on the national stage. By advocating you become an essential part of a movement that transforms the landscape for individuals and couples facing fertility challenges.

Impact change at the local level

Provincial advocacy

FMC partners with grassroots advocacy groups across Canada. Our provincial advocacy partners empower you to make a difference in your community. Get involved in campaigns, connect with local policymakers, and champion initiatives that improve fertility education, awareness, and access to resources.

Fertility Benefits Matter

Advocate for inclusive workplace policies

Fertility Benefits Matter, our joint campaign with Conceivable Dreams, is dedicated to advocating for comprehensive fertility and family-building benefits in the workplace. Join us in urging employers and insurance carriers to adopt inclusive policies supporting fertility treatments, family-building options, and education. Your advocacy can foster a workplace culture that values the diverse fertility journeys of employees.