Our mission

We are the national organization that helps all Canadians reach their reproductive health hopes and dreams by providing support, awareness, education, and advocating for equitable access to fertility care.

Our mission

What we do

At Fertility Matters Canada, we are committed to providing exceptional fertility support, inspiring Canadians to understand their reproductive health and the options available on their family-planning journeys.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we can offer support services to manage your fertility journey, provide trusted fertility information for all who seek it, and shape public policy to ensure access to fertility and family-building care.

1 in 6 Canadian adults needs access to fertility care

Our evolution

Since its humble beginnings in 1983 as the Infertility Self Support Group (ISSG) in Ottawa, Fertility Matters Canada (FMC) has been dedicated to supporting individuals and couples facing infertility challenges. In 1990, the organization took a significant step forward and became the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada Inc. (IAAC), amplifying its mission to raise awareness and provide assistance nationwide.

In 2007, FMC introduced the groundbreaking Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (CIAW), a pivotal event to foster community support and spread hope nationwide. 2015 was a transformative year with IAAC undergoing a significant rebranding process, resulting in the birth of Fertility Matters Canada (FMC). With a renewed vision and a comprehensive, modern fertility support and education network, FMC positioned itself at the forefront of assisting individuals and couples on their fertility journey.

Since 2015, FMC has tirelessly rebuilt its brand, enriching its services and expanding its reach, becoming an emblem of trust and reliability within the fertility community.

2021 was a remarkable year for FMC, unveiling a fresh new logo and brand colors, reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovation and growth. The organization's inaugural Fertility Matters 6K launch further solidified its position as a pioneer in the field, providing a platform for raising funds and fostering community support.

With an eye toward the future, FMC continues to expand its impact. In 2023, the organization proudly presents the Fertility in Focus Podcast, a platform dedicated to sharing stories, insights, and expert advice. Additionally, FMC launched a groundbreaking National Fertility Advocacy campaign for improved access to fertility support and services nationwide.

Our journey continues - we look forward to our continued growth to meet the needs of those who lean on us.

Our evolution

Our strategic plan

FMC’s Board of Directors developed a 3-year Strategic Plan in June 2022. Three (3) pillars guide our organization: Provide Exceptional Fertility Support, Build Advocacy, and Deliver Sustainable Finances. Strong Operational Excellence supports these pillars. Our key areas of focus are:

  • Connect people with the support and information they need along their fertility pathway.
  • Build a government advocacy strategy to engage lawmakers to support universal and accessible fertility care in Canada.
  • Strengthen the impact of our Fertility Benefits Matter campaign by ensuring more employees have the tools to discuss adding or enhancing fertility benefits in the workplace and educate employers on the positive impact of comprehensive family and fertility benefits.
  • Conduct high-quality research to understand the experiences of Canadians to improve the journeys of all those on their path to parenthood and advocate for more inclusive care with clear data points.
  • Ensure our charitable funds are deployed responsibly and aligned with our mission and vision.

We set ourselves apart from other fertility charities by taking a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to understanding fertility in Canada.

Our strategic plan