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Alicia and Kyle

Alicia and Kyle

Kyle & I started dating in 2009, we were engaged in 2011, and married in September 2012. Early in 2011, I started having problems: excruciating pain in my abdomen; weight loss; and no appetite. After many doctors and several tests, finally, a gynaecologist decided to do a laparoscopic in the Fall of 2012. He found that I had a very inflamed bowel. Many more tests and finally surgery in the fall of 2013, I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease and a foot taken off my small bowel. The gynaecologist also found that my Fallopian tubes were very enlarged, inflamed, and blocked. He told us our chances of conceiving were slim to none, but to try anyway. My dream since I was very young was to have a lot of children. I was in denial that I couldn’t have children, so I took every measure to try open up the tubes. Two HSG tests, which we hoped would open the tubes, caused me to pass out from the pressure, and the pain proved unsuccessful. A naturopath also tried to help, to no avail. My moment of truth was when my gyno said, “You have only two options: Adoption or IVF.”

We started our IVF procedure in February of 2014 with the nose sprays and ASA. Then, in early March, we started the injections. On March 11th, the clinic did the egg retrieval and they extracted 19 eggs. We tried not to get too excited because so many people told us IVF rarely works on the first time. By the time the 5th day came, we had only 2 eggs left. One really good blastocyst, and one OK one, which would not last the freezing. We decided to have both transferred. We started suppositories and waited the two longest weeks of our lives. On April 1st, we found out we were expecting. On April 22 we found out it was a 8 week old singleton pregnancy. On December 3, 2014 at 12:28pm our hearts were complete when we were blessed with our healthy 7lbs 5oz baby girl Kallie Mae.

A dream come true!

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