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Coreen and Neil

Coreen and Neil

It all began 7 year ago when my gynaecologist suggested my husband and I start trying to conceive. She informed me that with endometriosis plus my age it would be a difficult road. So month after month I tracked my temperature and ovulation. Hoping that this month would be the right time.

Approximately 83 “try’s” later my husband and I had to face the reality that we may never conceive - there was one exception on July 1 2015 when the test was positive! Praise the Lord our prayers had been answered. It felt way too good to be true and sure enough 9.5 weeks later we lost our precious miracle. One thing is for certain you are forever changed.

From that moment I had a huge awakening a call from God. I started to dive deep into healing, self-care and wellness. I started to practice yoga regularly, meditation, eliminated dairy to now eating organic plant-based diet. I only drink alcohol once in a blue moon. I take many vitamins and supplements, massage, acupuncture etc. I needed to do everything I could to prepare my body and soul for this journey.

I was going to face many more obstacles along the way. Often being the only person in a room at special occasions without a child. Constant pregnancy announcements, baby bum photos plastered all over social media. We live in such a family centric world where mothers are put on pedestals; where females are to birth, and males are to carry on the family name. So, if you’re not a mother, who are you? If you’re not a father, what is your role?

You begin to feel isolated from the others. Where do I fit in?

Infertility does not just affect your body but your mind and your spirit. They say to never give up but how do you not lose faith?

They say it’s not going to happen if you keep trying so hard, but the fact of the matter is there comes a time when you don’t want to try at all - where you just want to be that family you seek.

Infertility, through everything, is a journey of keeping the faith.

Coreen Miller - Bos & Neil Bos

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