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When I was 16, I was told I would never be able to get pregnant. Just before I met my husband, I saw a specialist who told me that while I would be able to carry, I would need an egg donor to get pregnant. When my husband and I were ready to have a baby, we initially thought it would be easy. Well, it wasn’t. We were offered eggs from many well-meaning people who changed their minds before donating. After years of heartbreak, we finally turned to DEBUSA which made our dream to have a child possible. Two IVF cycles, two different egg donors, 13 eggs, 4 embryos, 3 transfers, and 102 progesterone shots later, we finally have our baby girl! She was born July 24th 2015. You don’t need to share DNA to build a family – I love my daughter as though we do.

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Crystal and Pat

July 18, 2009 was the happiest day of my life, the day I married my husband. It wasn’t until two years later that a harsh reality set in.

Brittany and Jake

The idea of sharing our journey is terrifying to me, yet I have gained so much from hearing about other people’s journeys that I knew I needed to share ours.

Mandy and Dave

I’ve always been open about just about any struggle I’ve ever gone through, but experiences with infertility need to be out there, read, heard, and understood.