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Karen and Taj

Karen and Taj

After having my 1st daughter in 2008 with no complications, my husband and I started trying for a second child in 2013. We soon found out it wasn’t so easy. We had been trying from 2013-2017. I was told I can get pregnant, which I was able to, but wasn’t able to carry to full term. My family doctor didn’t think I needed to see a specialist/gynecologist.

I kept insisting - thinking something is wrong with me. My gynecologist did lab work and I found out I had a difficult time carrying once pregnant due to medical genetics. My #1 karyotype would switch with #11; meaning either too much of something or not enough. My body thinks I’m pregnant then recognizes it’s faulty & would result in a miscarriage.

I had gone through 6 miscarriages and an ectopic. In 2016 I wasn’t able to get pregnant. We did 1 cycle of IUI which was NOT successful. I was about to give up. Crying, coming to terms that I may not be able to have another child or to give my daughter a sibling. Then a miracle happened and I was pregnant March 2017. Worried if this one doesn’t make it by 3 months I was so scared. Truly a blessing we gave birth to our 2nd healthy baby girl December 12, 2017.

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We started trying to conceive in May of 2015 right after we bought our first house. It was an exciting time in our lives. My plan was to be pregnant by September.

Brittenay and Aaron

For most of my life, I knew nothing of infertility. It wasn’t something that was talked about. In fact, it was the opposite. EVERYTHING would lead to pregnancy.

Amanda and Marcel

Our infertility journey has been an ongoing rollercoaster. At age 19, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which always caused me to worry about my fertility.