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I am 44 years old and have suffered with unexplained infertility for many years. I am very lucky to be in the 95th percentile for my age, as I have a lot of eggs, but haven’t found the golden one. On my last and final ivf cycle we made an unheard of 30+ follicles, 18 retrieved and 3 blasts. I also suffered from OHSS which I was told was impossible for a woman my age.

Sadly, we lost them all in transfers only to find out one month later we suffered from alloimmune implantation dysfunction. Yes, I’m blessed with an AMH of 2.55 ng/ml at 44 years old but unlucky to be in the 10% of couples who have 100% matching HLA genes. Matching HLA genes create an immune response in the mother, and attacks our precious embryos.

Now that we are on an immune protocol, we hope for a miracle but at 44, I’m not sure that will ever happen.

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