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Leslie and Jeremy

Leslie and Jeremy

Jeremy and I met on a dating website plenty of fish in 2009. Short time later we begin our dating journey March 13 2010. September 2 2010 Jeremy proposed and June 9 2012 we got married. I was diagnosed with Pcos when I was only 14 and we knew our journey to parent good wouldn’t be easy. So we began trying shortly after being together. After a year of actively trying we went to the doctors and a referral was sent of to RFP this was in 2012. We saw Dr Wong there and begin medical help.

I started with Clomid, did about 6 different rounds with different doses and for different lengths of time.. No success. We even did one around of IUI with Clomid and no success. We then moved on to Femera and did one round with that. Then got set up to do an IUI with Femera but then I never got a period. So they did some ultrasound and short time later. Our cycle was cancelled. And was told IVF was are only options after learning I’m not ovulating on my own, with the meds they have tried and that I will need way more help. We took some breaks in between treatments because as those going through treatment know how physically mentally and emotionally draining it is. As well as financially.

In 2016 we did our egg retrieval. Took about two month of stems to get my follicles to grow. Several times we thought we have to cancel. But luckily we didn’t. November 21 2016 was our retrieval we had 47 eggs retrieved. 42 were mature and 38 fertilized by icsi and then frozen day 1. Because of how many they got we had to do a freeze all and wait a month or so to transfer.

July 2017 we did a transfer. Day 3 transfer of two beautiful embryos unfortunately unsuccessful. Had this time the clinic thawed 10 embryos but only the two transfer made the thaw. We then got set do to another transfer months later however I didn’t respond to the meds my lining just wouldn’t grow. So my cycle was cancelled. Then we waited some more time. And tried again. Yet again my lining grew but then stopped and nothing could be done. At this point we decided to take about two years off.

Now fast forward to June 2019 we started to prepare for our second transfer. This time I asked to have the remaining 28 embryos thawed and grown since they were all day 1. So they did. By day 5 we had 16 beautiful embryos. 1 was transferred and the remaining 15 were refrozen on day 5. This time we did stims again as I responded so well. Took about four weeks this time. Once my lining was perfect we did a trigger shot and a week later we had a five day transfer. August 8 2019 We ARE Pregnant.. repeated HCG August 10 levels were good.

Then a week later our nightmare began. I started to bleed. For blood work done. HCG was still rising. Then repeated two days later it dropped. Miscarriage. Repeated again few days later HCG went up.. wtf.. is what we were thinking next I’m in emerge and nearly 6 weeks at this time and nothing seen on ultrasound and blood work went down again.

We were completely heart broken.

We repeated blood work a few more times and the HCG was dropped but not like they wanted so they say ectopic even tho I barely had any bleeding or pain. Aug 23 was giving methotrexate. Then repeated blood work. Two or so weeks later my HCG was 0. We are still so heartbroken that we lost our beautiful baby now our beautiful angel.

Now March 2020 we are preparing to start again.. We will start treatment around mid April or May.

Please keep us in your prayers.. and to those going through this remember you are not alone and never give up.

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