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Melissa and Matthew

Melissa and Matthew

My husband, Matthew, and I have been trying to conceive for six and a half years. We have a double whammy of me having Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease and we found out along our journey that my husband has an extremely low sperm count.

During our six and a half years of trying to conceive I have done 48 rounds of Clomid and had no success. The doctor told us that our only chance was IVF because of my husbands sperm count is just to low. Sadly we don’t have the funds in order to pay for that. We’ve been saving, however none of the fertility drugs are covered by our insurance plan, nor is the IVF procedure, so we have to pay for everything out of pocket.

We even entered contests to win money in an attempt to pay for the procedure, taken out loans, borrowed money from family remember. We’ve even talked about the possibility of selling our house and using the money towards IVF. We’ve been doing everything we can possible think of in order to conceive. We do fertility yoga, take all the recommended vitamins, I’ve been drinking fertility tea which taste just awful, we use pre-seed and conceive plus.

Our lives for the last six and half years has been consumed by our infertility. We want to give our parents grandchildren, and hope that something good will come out way soon. All of this has caused stress and depression, and honestly, I just want to be able to be a good wife and give my husband the children that he’s always wanted. I often wonder if I’ve been punished, or, maybe the universe won’t think I will be a good mother - that’s why it won’t give us a baby. However, now that I’ve met other women going through the same thing, I it’s uplifting to know I’m not alone.

We are waiting and hoping, along with our Fertility specialist, that by this summer, IVF will be covered under OHIP, and we will be able to finally try it. However, after six and half years of trying, you begin to loose hope that anything good will come your way.

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