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Paula and Brandon

Paula and Brandon

Brandon (30) and I (34) having been trying for baby #2 for 20 months now. We have been to our family doctor and all initial testing seems to be ok. We are waiting in a pool to see a OBGYN in Regina 10-12 month wait in our province Saskatchewan.

In the mean time we have both lost weight and been trying to get healthier. I have been to see a herbalist, a naturopath and for acupuncture. Problems with my cycle are getting better hopefully baby number 2 is around the corner for us. Don’t give up work on your own health! That is in your control and may be the root of your problem.

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Heather and Jordan

I am infertile. Saying and writing that always seems weird. Weird because I always had a plan for my life, and it didn’t include infertility.


As I sit in bed, recapping my day, I feel immensely guilty that I missed taking my estrogen pill at the exact time I pre-determined to take it each day.


Infertility, a word that has been haunting me since 2012. I never thought in a million years that I was going to be challenged by this devastating health concern.