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Shaila and Dallas

Shaila and Dallas

At 30 my partner Dallas and I went to a fertility clinic where my diagnosis was confirmed and I was told the only way I could have a child was through egg donation. It was best if I found a donor I was related to. I have no siblings and my first cousins were a great deal older than me. I was devastated and decided if I could not have a bio child we would adopt. 7 years later we married and began the foster to adopt process, we were placed with a beautiful baby girl at 3 hours old. We had NO problem bonding with her and were destroyed when her relatives crawled out of the wood work and CAS returned her to them after 6 months. I decided then we would have our own child that no one could take.

I went back to the fertility clinic to see if we could jump start my ovaries before moving on to egg donation. We were unsuccessful. The doctor suggested the States as we could find a big donor pool and have better outcomes. So we went to the states and paid $50000 Canadian. We were monitored in Canada and transferred in the States. First transfer was miscarried, the second transfer is my crazy 2.5 year old daughter. When we were ready to transfer our next embryo the border closed with covid.

We moved our 2 remaining embabies to Canada and transferred our son who just turned 1.

I am getting ready to transfer my last embryo.

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