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Amethyst Therapy (Kirsten Harding MSW, RSW)

Amethyst Therapy (Kirsten Harding MSW, RSW)
Services provided:
  • Mental health services
Regional coverage:
  • Canada-wide

Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and helplessness are common responses when an individual or couple are facing infertility. At Amethyst Therapy, we provide compassionate support to people who are struggling to have a child or dealing with reproductive health concerns. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we understand the experiences of grief, loss, and trauma that can accompany one’s experience with infertility, as well as the impact infertility can have on relationships with family and friends. We offer a warm and welcoming therapeutic space where it’s safe to explore your worries, thoughts, and emotions, and to receive support without fear of judgment.

Kirsten Harding brings her first-hand knowledge of infertility to her practice and has a heartfelt dedication to supporting individuals and couples living with infertility. Kirsten has a personal understanding of the emotionally painful experience of what coping with infertility can be for many. Kirsten brings a genuine and supportive presence to her relationship with clients. Recognizing the broad impact or ‘ripple effect’ fertility issues can have, she is also available to provide counselling to family and friends who are wanting to support their loved ones impacted by infertility.

Kirsten has completed post-graduate studies in infertility counselling. She has also completed training with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Postpartum Support International (PSI), and is also an active member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society.

Kirsten is available to provide in-person sessions to individuals and couples in her office located in central Edmonton, and virtual therapy sessions to clients residing throughout Alberta.