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Secondary Infertility Peer Support Group

Secondary Infertility Peer Support Group
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  • Ontario


This group is open to anyone in the community with a child(ren) at home, who is not currently pregnant and struggling to add to their family. People are encouraged to join on their own or with partners, if applicable. Together, participants create a safe and empathetic environment to talk about their experiences with secondary infertility/loss and the complexities of caring for their current child(ren) while struggling to grow their family.

Note that in order to ensure the comfort and security of participants, please have your video camera on, mute activated unless you are speaking, and a 1st name noted in your zoom “window.”

For more information about joining the Secondary Infertility Peer Support Group or to receive the unique password-protected monthly link, please contact Blair directly.

Contact: or

Meeting Info: Meetings are held on Zoom from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm ET on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, with occasional exceptions.

* Secondary infertility is defined as someone who is struggling to have a subsequent baby after successfully having had one or more children previously. Please note that this group is not open to friends/family members, as it is only for those directly impacted by secondary infertility/loss.