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Terrance G. Sheppard

Terrance G. Sheppard
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Terry’s experiences have taught him that no matter what the circumstance, people want to be treated with respect, be provided with insightful and practical guidance and trust that the person they are listening to is hearing them.

Terry is a highly skilled and experienced family law lawyer with a practice concentrating on issues relating to surrogacy, adoption, divorce, child support, parenting time and spousal support. Terry’s goal is to ensure that the family unit is treated with respect and understanding during a difficult time.

Terry recognizes families come in all shapes and sizes. Parents are divorced, separated, common-law, same-sex and single. The family with one parent and one child is a family. A grandmother raising her step-grandchild is a family. The same-sex couple and their adopted or conceived through surrogacy child is a family. New dimensions in parenting may require a new way of doing things, a pioneering spirit.