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Chris and Lanie

Chris and Lanie

Our story starts 7 years ago when we first got married and wanted to try to have a family. Our doctor suggested we try a full year before we looked into fertility treatments. I was diagnosed (Lainie) at the age of 25 with PCOS and was sent to a local fertility clinic to start treatments.

After a years of failed drug therapy treatments and loss we opted to try Embryo Donation in California. Two trips to California and two miscarriages later, we took a year off to look into the Adoption program. Our fertility clinic called last July and had an amazing opportunity for us for IVF which we completed in November. I was successfully pregnant but unfortunately on March 30th gave birth to our son prematurely due to an incompetent cervix and lost him at 22 weeks.

We have since decided that, we are going to enjoy our lives child free and pray that a miracle happens for us. We continue to draw strength from each other, and support our friends who are also going through the infertility struggles. I hope to start a support group in our local town to help other’s face this terrible disease. I believe my journey is far from over with infertility, and helping other’s in this situation of infertility and loss is what I need to do.

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