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Dee and Matt

Dee and Matt

When I was sixteen, I was told I didn’t have a uterus and ovaries. When I was twenty, I was told I did have a uterus, but that I could never carry. When I was twenty-three, I was finally told I could carry. When I met Matt, we thought starting a family would be easy. Three years ago, we started our journey.

The first two years were filled with heartbreak and broken promises. Finding an egg donor proved to be harder than we thought. In December 2013, we finally turned to DEBUSA and chose a donor with a lot of five eggs.

These eggs became two three-day embryos. Both embryo transfers failed. In June 2014, we started thinking that maybe having a baby wasn’t in our future. After lots of thought and prayer, we tried again. We picked a better egg donor with more eggs and more resemblances to me. We received eight eggs. These eggs became three five-day embryos (blastocysts). November 10th, one blastocyst was transferred. November 20th, we had our first beta test: 128. November 22nd, second beta results: 340. The numbers had more than doubled which meant we were officially having a baby!! I’m now five months pregnant. Our dreams are coming true. The Lord didn’t give up on us, even when we were ready to give up. smile emoticon 2015 is going to be a great year.

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I am one in six, I am the face of Canadian infertility. I am also a successful fashion industry professional, part time college professor, and a devoted wife and mother.

Amanda and Marc

In 2012 my husband, Marc and I had got approval from the doctor to start trying for a baby. Little did we know this would just be the beginning of many doctors’ appointments.

Annik and Gilles

Before we were even married, we knew we would need help conceiving. We were fine with that. In fact, we were grateful that we had time to save some money and plan this.