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Annik and Gilles

Annik and Gilles

Before we were even married, we knew we would need help conceiving. We were fine with that. In fact we were so happy and grateful that we had time to save some money and to plan this. I guess you can say we were lucky to be able to save up enough for our first round of IVF. we also found ourselves lucky to have such a great fertility clinic nearby too. With our bad luck, everything fell into place perfectly.

So perfect that we were blessed with the news we were expecting TWINS. We were so excited! Our dream of having a big family was coming true. That news was short lived after having our routine 19 week ultrasound. One of our precious little girls was not growing as she should have been, and we were told she would not make it. She held on until 33 weeks. I gave birth to 2 beautiful girls. Such a bittersweet moment. We are continuing to grow as a family of 3, 3 years later. Our lives are filled with so much happiness and gratefulness. Grateful for fertility treatments. Grateful for our clinic. Grateful for the wonderful team of doctors and nurses that helped us create our family. We say thank you to them, but really it’s more than that. There’s more meaning to it than just a thank you. We thank them with all of our HEARTS. It is a gift we received and everyday we are Thankful.

Infertility is long road. Our first try and we conceived - but it’s not always the case. We have been trying to grow our family ever since, with 2 more failed cycles of IVF. We hope to someday be able to bring more love into our home. But for now we are enjoying every moment of pure happiness and joy with our Little Miracle. Life is precious.

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Katherine and Greg

We would like to “come out”, so to speak. We came out to all our family recently, after being both diagnosed with infertility, a few years now for my husband and about 10 for me.

Ollie and Satu

When Ollie and I met, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We also knew we absolutely could not wait to be parents.


My husband and I were married in 2003, but we needed to delay pregnancy because I had to have two major jaw surgeries (neither of which were covered by government healthcare).