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In 2011 my husband and I decided that we would like to start a family. My cycles were like clockwork, we were young (both under the age of 30) and healthy. Surely our journey to become parents would be short. We were in for a shock when after a year of trying to conceive, our arms, and hearts, were still empty. After an appointment with a fertility specialist and all the routine tests, we were diagnosed as unexplained. We attempted two rounds of IUI with Clomid. Nothing. After talking with our doctor we decided to put all our eggs in one basket (pun anyone?) and try IVF. We were fortunate enough that we were able to afford the up front costs and my husband’s health insurance covered the cost of my medication.

In May of 2013, I began injections. My body responded so well that mid-way through stimulation, I was informed that I would become a ‘freeze-all’ cycle. On retrieval day 30 eggs were collected. 6 days later we were told that we had 6 embryos frozen. Late August we transferred 2 blasts and hoped with all our might.

On my 27th Birthday I received the most amazing gift of 2 beautiful pink lines on a home pregnancy test. We later found out that initially both embryos took, but shortly after implanting one stopped developing. However, we had one healthy embryo on board measuring right on track.

On May 15, 2014 my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby boy. Our dreams finally realized, we finally were able to breath a sigh of relief. Our baby was in our arms. During our struggles we remained quiet, not wanting to deal with the questions and added stress of “so any news?” questions. We are now very open about our journey in hopes of being a resource to other couples fighting the same battle. Since we have opened up about our own struggles, several friends have come forward to us and said that they are in the same boat we once were.

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Never did I think I would ever have troubles conceiving. I see it all the time. Everyone is announcing their newest arrival. Babies are everywhere, especially in my family.


Some people are born nurturers. I was one of those. As a child, I enjoyed playing with dolls and pretending they were my babies.


Infertility is often described as a journey, and that couldn’t be more accurate way to describe the steps it took to conceive our beautiful daughter, Ellie.