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Megan and Steve

Megan and Steve

Megan and Steve are high-school sweethearts. They started dating in 2006, got married in 2012 and immediately started trying to grow their family. They started a YouTube channel to document their wedding and the process of starting a family which admittedly didn’t go as planned (@smartieandsteveo).

Megan assumed since her mom got pregnant with her at a very young age that fertility would be on her side, but sadly was not the case. One of the biggest hurdles was a family doctor who continued to add barriers when it came to accessing fertility care, telling them to lose weight or that they were too young (at 24 and 26) to “worry about fertility”. After nearly two years of pushing their family doctor they left and got a referral from a walk in clinic and the real journey to conceiving could begin.

The Ottawa Fertility Center was amazing, and after nearly two more years of trying different medicated and highly monitored cycles without success - it finally happened. A positive pregnancy test! Apprehensive and scared (one of the many side affects of fertility journeys) they were incredibly thankful to welcome their first child, their son Elliott at the end of 2016. In fear of having another long journey to have another baby they ventured back to the fertility center to try for baby #2 and repeated the exact same protocol that worked with their son and although it was a very strange cycle (bleeding and ovulating close to CD30) another positive pregnancy test and eventually the birth of their second child, their daughter Piper in Spring 2019.

The biggest struggle when TTC is feeling alone so through their YouTube and Instagram community they have connected with thousands of families around the world and hope to inspire others to never give up on their dreams - even when it feels like it will never happen. Trying to grow their family was one of their darkest times in terms of mental health and overall wellness as well as in keeping friendships with those who had much easier journeys but it helped them grow together as a couple and they are forever grateful for the amazing family they have blessed with ❤️

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Christa and Dave

Dave and I met in 2010 at a house party that my best friend dragged me too. We were both pretty happy go lucky people, and thus started the best relationship I’ve ever had with someone.


I am 44 years old and have suffered with unexplained infertility for many years. I am very lucky to be in the 95th percentile for my age.

Andrea and Adrian

My story starts out pretty simple. I knew I always wanted to be a mother and when I got pregnant for the first time it was like a dream come true.