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Rick and Nicole

Rick and Nicole

Our story started as high school sweethearts. Typical young love, got engaged, married and started careers.

Only thing left to do was start a family. Never imagining the journey it would take us on. After 2 years of trying , we finally consulted medical help where they told us we were too young and “let it happen”. Fast forward another 2 years where we were finally accepted into an OB appointment. Only to find out both my tubes were blocked. With assistance through the fertility clinic, we finally conceived our son after almost 5 years.

We had hoped it would be easier with the second and it wasn’t. We then faced male factor. Another 3 years of secondary infertility, which is just as heartbreaking , we were finally blessed with our second. The journey couples take is so up and down , but it ultimately brought my husband and I so much closer, now getting to see each other in a new light as parents, makes me realize he truly is my best friend.

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Leslie and Jeremy

Jeremy and I met on a dating website plenty of fish in 2009. Short time later we begin our dating journey.

Russ and Alycia

Russ and I met through mutual friends in October of 2008. In June 2010 we were engaged and then married in September 2011.

Lyndsey and Mike

My husband and I were married for just over five years when we started to try to get pregnant. I had just begun a new job 9 months earlier.