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Tristan and Jessica

Tristan and Jessica

Starting a family was everything we had ever wanted. However, being a part of the LGBTQ+ community brings forth challenges with starting a family you don’t often think of. You are catapulted into fertility clinics given hope that the only reason you are there is that certain parts are missing to create your family. Little do you know that years of challenges can await you.

Through the process of trying to build our family, we had such hope that we would do one IUI and we would be pregnant. Unfortunately, that was not the case. After further exploration, we discovered I had low ovarian reserve which would cause us some issues with growing our family. After 6 failed IUI’s we felt hopeless like we were never going to have our dreams come true. The funny thing about hope though is that despite feeling hopeless there is still that lingering bit of hope it could work the next time.

We pushed forward and began IVF. After two failed FETs, one ending in miscarriage, we finally got pregnant and birthed our beautiful baby boy. I look at him every day and think how grateful I am for him and the fact he made our family complete. I look at him and he makes the last three years of struggle worth it for this feeling of completeness I have. My family is whole, and I would not change our story for anything!

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Brianna and Josh

I feel like the words infertility and joy are not often used in the same sentence. When I reflect on my own infertility journey, I must admit that the word “joy” isn’t one that initially pops up in my mind.

Shaila and Dallas

At 30 my partner Dallas and I went to a fertility clinic where my diagnosis was confirmed and I was told the only way I could have a child was through egg donation.

Chantal and Keith

Almost a year later I found strength, courage and enough finances to attempt a 4th IVF round. It was my most stressful and physically demanding cycle to date.