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Dawn and Kyle

Dawn and Kyle

Shortly after my husband and I got married in 2013 we decided to stop birth control and see what would happen.

By 2015 we still had not been able to get pregnant so we decided to seek help. After every test imaginable we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Fast forward to today and we have done 4 IUI’s and 2 rounds of IVF which left us with 6 transferable embryos in total. We transferred our first two embryos which were non-PGS tested and neither worked. After our second round of IVF we decided to do PGS testing which left us with 4 normal transferable embryos. After the first two failed, we decided to switch clinics and take our two remaining embryos with us. We transferred our first embryo with the new clinic which turned out to be a chemical pregnancy BUT we were ecstatic because that was as far as we’d ever come in our fertility journey. On September 13th, we transferred our vary last embryo and hoped for the best. The hoping and praying worked. We were pregnant. We went for our 6 week ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. Something we never thought we’d get to experience but at 8 weeks, we unfortunately miscarried ending our fertility journey.

Fast forward 6 months later to today and I am feeling like myself again and working on getting my physical and mental self back. Realizing we will be ok if we don’t ever have children of our own. The future is uncertain but we know we tried everything we could.

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