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Marina and Val

Marina and Val

Navigating family planning and fertility treatments as a same sex couple in the LGBTQ+ community is a rollercoaster that comes with unique challenges.

We began talking about starting a family a couple years ago and quickly realized how much planning and financial commitment would be involved. It was well beyond what we had originally anticipated.

After our initial testing and consultation at the fertility clinic we were deemed good candidates for unmedicated IUI. On our 3rd attempt we were pregnant with our now son!

Anyone who is trying to conceive will tell you that it can be all encompassing. Tracking your cycle, your symptoms, the TWW, and trying to maintain some privacy through it all.

We were both working very demanding jobs during the COVID pandemic and it was nearly impossible to not raise any suspicion with all the doctors appointments and consultations.

But here we are with a newborn at home and navigating life as new moms. He was worth every challenge.

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